Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How NOT to be a Writer: A Cautionary Tale

File this under the category: 'Stranger than Fiction'.

A review from a small, on-line site, Books And Pals reviewed a romance called 'The Greek Seaman' by Jacqueline Howett, who published the book independently.

Copy and paste to your browser the address below:

Over 300 comments were posted before the site banned further posts. It's long but I recommend you read at least the comments up to March 28, 12:24pm (the climax) and then skim the rest, as I found many of them to be quite enlightening.

I think you might find this to be hilarious, sad AND appalling. Appalling for her behavior, but also the behavior of the vultures circling this event: the ones who are only commenting to gloat and laugh. This has gone viral, currently being reposted and discussed all over the Internet.

This is also sure to reinforce the public's miconceptions placed on self publishing.

The best thing we can take away from this, is to view it as an example of what not to do.



  1. This is a very sad thread. The author is clearly "unhinged". The worst moment was the terse, final "" - hilarious and pitiful all at once.

  2. "hilarious and pitiful all at once"

    Indeed. Atrocious grammar, and horrifically arrogant attitude. She's a real type, isn't she?

    I was thinking that perhaps since "This is a true story based on the authors own life experiences, as a seamans wife in her teens", any criticism of the book would be a criticism of her personally, and the life she lived.

    But reading her mea culpa ( I've decided she's just a bona fide idiot.